Words on Things I've Been Loving in July & August.

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We're already a few days into September and I, like always, cannot believe where time has gone. Seriously, where? Let's rewind a little bit though, back to July. I was on holiday for most of the month - glorious, I know. It made me into a slow functioning, late sleeping human. Since I spent a lot of time in the holiday house and didn't set my foot in the city for a long time - I mostly had my face make-up free and my hair up on my head in a rather messy bun. And you know what? I was nice and all, but now I'm back in the city since mid August, spending my days at the office, wearing make-up again and dressing in proper clothes (read: I jumped out of my sweats). It's all back to normal, and just like having time off - being back into my routine feels very good, too. But now, let's chat about my favourites things & beauty products from July & August!

NUXE FACE & EYE MASK. I'm almost at the very end of this tube of goodness. I went on the hunt for a new tube of this a while back, and was told it was discontinued. Oh, the horror. So, I used this very sparingly, only under my eyes and not on the rest of my face. You know how it says on most face masks that you should avoid the eye area? Well, the great thing about this is that it's formulated to go under the eyes, too. One of the main reasons to why I love this so much. Good news, though, as I can see that is's being sold again! It does wonders for when my the skin feels tight and dry underneath my eyes. And on the rest of the face, too.

NUXE HULIE PRODIGIEUSE OIL. Continuing with the same brand, I understand the Nuxe oil hype now. This is the perfect product to use on your décolletage for a night out, just to add that little bit of something extra. This is a little sample size I have, but I'm sure it will last me ages, since the product is very concentrated and you only need a tiny amount. Summer might technically be over, but we still want that glow, don't we?

INSTAGRAM SAVE. As you might know by now, Instagram have a very Pinterest inspired function that they've added to their app. You can pin/save photos in folders in your profile. I know I'm so late to the party with this one, but I've "saved away" lately and finally I can scroll through all my faves directly in the Instagram app, instead of clogging up my phone with all those print screens I was previously taking. More room for food pics, yass.

ELLE FOOD & WINE. Finding inspiration in blogs and on the web in general is gold, but flicking through a glossy magazine will always be what I love the most. Food, interior & travel magazines are some of the magazines I enjoy the most, because I love reading all the travel guides and articles on local culture & cuisine, see stunning homes and get ideas for new things to cook. ELLE Food & Wine is my new favourite magazine, I've loved both the ones I've bought so far. Note to self: don't flicker through when your tummy is rumbling.

LINNEN SHEETS. Again with the late to the party thing, but how have I lived without linnen sheets in my life before? They are textured, yet amazingly soft and also gives that perfect, messily un-done look when you've made your bed. If that weird description made as much sense to you as it does for me, raise you hand!

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