Where We Ate & Stayed in Palma, Mallorca.

Where we stayed: Melia Palma Bay

📍Carrer de Felicià Fuster, 4, Palma

We were surprised when the cab driver drove up to the entrance of the hotel. I mean, we had just been in our taxi for a few short minutes since leaving the airport. Was it really that close? Yep, it sure was! The distances on the island are small, and I had totally tricked myself when looking at the map, thinking the hotel was at least a 20 minute drive away from the airport... eh.

My colleague Tess recommended me to book the Meliá Palma Bay hotel and I'm so glad she did. It was very clean and nice, and by the looks of it - built just a few years ago. They describe the hotel themselves with the word "Scandinavian". And as a Scandinavian, I truly enjoyed the simple design, the scaled back interiors and the massive seas of wood panelling. Another highlight was the amazing breakfast, the best hotel breakfast I've ever eaten, ever.

One thing I didn't like? Probably the only thing I didn't like about the hotel was the massive window that was there instead of a proper wall between the shower and the bedroom. Putting the person in the shower on total display for the other person in the room. Privacy doesn't come easy there! They had an electric curtain that you could press down, for some privacy, but it didn't really make that much of a difference at night, since the curtain fabric was pretty see though.

Price: Considering it's a 4 star hotel and for the overall experience I would say the price is amazing.

Location: A few short minutes away from the airport by car. A 15 to 20 minute beach walk into town.

Eat Italian: La Perla in Portals Hills

📍Carrer Ramon Llull, 1, Portals Nous

After having stalked the restaurant's booking page for a few days, I finally stumbled across a table at the very first seating one evening during our stay. La Perla is found on two locations on the island, and is probably one of the most hyped restaurants on Mallorca - and for a good reason. We got a table at the location in Portals Hills, just a few minutes away from the other La Perla in central Palma.

Stepping into the restaurant is a treat for the eyes, everything is very edgy and elegant at the very same time. And I was so excited to eat proper Italian food again. Even though we were in Spain and had all of that Mallorcan and Spanish food at an arm's length - I am simply one of those people who can never say no to Italian food.

The food: We started off with a burrata to share, each took a creamy pasta with salsiccia as our main and shared a mouth watering tiramisu for dessert. Truth be told? I haven't eaten pasta like that since last time I was in Italy, it was magic. We were so pleased after that meal, but also extremely full. So full, in fact, that we got on the bus back to the city, and got off a few stops too early, just so we could walk down our food before we got back to our hotel... Was it worth it, though? 100%!

Oh, and the reason to why I don't have any pictures of the food? We devoured and enjoyed our food too much to even think about something as trivial as taking photos of it. Everything was very reasonably priced, great service and amazing interiors. If I ever return to the island again (I hope I will!) I want to go here again, and again, and again.

Eat Mallorcan: Sadrassana

📍Plaça de la Drassana, 15, Palma

We found this place on a whim, located in the cutest little square. It stood out amongst the other somewhat less "nice" restaurants around it. Scarred to look at the prices on the menu outside of the restaurant, we simply just decided that we "wanted to treat ourselves" and asked the lady if they had a table for two. They really hadn't, but she magically created a spot for us by moving things around - so nice of her. All the other guests that turned up without reservations after that weren't as lucky.

The food: We got our eyes set on the risotto when we opened the menu, and our waiter recommended the Mallorcan version of a pizza. So, we shared a risotto and the pizza and were very happy with our decision. The risotto was one of the best ones I've ever eaten and the pizza was amazing too. A thin and crisp base that somehow felt both light and rich at the very same time, topped with tomato sauce, arugola, tomatoes, cheese and honey roasted raisins & pine nuts. I enjoyed a crisp glass of white wine with it and it ended up being the very best meal of our entire holiday.

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