Where to Eat | Sakura Tei, Tokyo.

We ate many great & traditional Japanese dishes while in Japan, but the one thing that really stood out was okonomiyaki. My brother and his friends had randomly found this place a while back - and he liked it so much that he brought us there as a surprise. It's located a few streets from any main road and might not be that likly to just "walk by"- Therefore, it's worth a mention for any future Tokyo visitors.

The idea is that you get all your ingredients in a bowl, mix it all together and then cook it yourself - on the grill that's in the middle of each table in the restaurant. Equally weird & cool and was most definitely one of the best restaurant experiences of the entire trip.

Find out the location & more on Sakura Tei's website: here.



Oj så fina era Okonomiyaki blev! Tyvärr tål ja inte det, men gillar verkligen det här med att laga sin egen mat. Så vi går ofta på Koreansk bbq, också ett tips.
Så bra också att det fanns detaljerad info på engelska, med bilder och allt!