Where to Eat in Gothenburg | Taverna Averna.

📍 - Tredje LĂ„nggatan 7, Göteborg

I've gone out to eat yet again, and I took my camera with me. This time, I went with my pizza loving friend, and we wanted to celebrate something special, and we wanted to do so while eating a "proper" Italian pizza. So, what better place to go to, than one of the most hyped pizza spots in town? Okay, sure - Taverna Averna primarily have other things on their menu, but I'd heard most good things about the pizzas so that's what initially drew me in. Also, the decor was something I had both seen (yep, stalking the restaurant's geotag on Instagram) and heard about.

I wasn't disappointed one bit, stepping into the restaurant I couldn't help but to think about how amazing the interior was. With dark furniture, high ceilings, windows that let the light stream into the rooms beautifully and dreamy gallery walls - what's not to like?

We were greeted very well when we entered the restaurant, and even though the place had just about opened and we were only a few people in there - it still felt warming and welcoming. A little special shout-out to our waitress, who made us feel comfortable, yet not stressed or pushed by any means, when she came up to our table a few times and asked if the food tasted well, or if we wanted something more to drink - we just felt taken cared of, and not pushed to order more. Simply put; we couldn't have been happier with the service.

Let's talk about what we ate, shall we? We had the pizza with roasted pine nuts and pesto, nom nom. It definitely lived up to the hype, and we felt like we were back in Italy for a few minutes. I don't have any photos to prove this, but I can tell you they both looked and tasted amazingly. And we paired the pizzas with a sneaky glass of Prosecco. That wasn't half bad.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone really, but especially to those who might feel like they need a break from all the industrial vibed, red brick wall:ed, sweet potato fries & truffle mayo:ed burger joints found around every corner in Gothenburg right now. Sure, I like those, but actually, if you're in the mood for pizza, I like this even more.



Jag Ă„t ocksĂ„ pizza nĂ€r jag var dĂ€r - riktigt gott! SĂ€llskapet och andra jag pratat med som inte Ă€tit det har dock varit besvikna. Ingen mat att tala om, inget sĂ€rskilt alls. Men som pizza place - superbra! đŸ‘ŒđŸŒ Tycker dock menyn Ă€r svĂ„r att placera ocksĂ„. Det kĂ€nns nĂ€stan som att de försökt göra den sĂ„ speciell att den nĂ„gonstans pĂ„ vĂ€gen blir intetsĂ€gande istĂ€llet. Vi frĂ„gade och de sa fusion mellan europeiskt och typ asiatiskt. KĂ€nns weird 😂 Men summa summarum - mycket god pizza!
Nej, men vad trist! MÄste tillbaka och testa den "andra maten" dÄ ocksÄ - nu blev jag nyfiken. Kanske Àr det varför jag endast hör folk nÀmna just pizzan nÀr stÀllet nÀmns?
Jag Ät inte pizza och precis som Sanna skriver: dÄ blir man sjukt besviken. Riktigt mediokert. Skulle inte gÄ dit igen. Men fin inredning absolut! Bord 27 dÀremot - Mamma Mia det Àr grejer!!!
Men oj vad trĂ„kigt, haha. Jag som var SÅ taggad pĂ„ att ha hittat ett nytt guldkorn. Men, Bord 27 fĂ„r bli nĂ€sta stopp dĂ„ 😊 Pepp!
KĂ€kade samma pizza haha. pesto pĂ„ pizza Ă€r the BEST đŸ‘ŒđŸŒ
Tack för tipset. Jag bor inte i Göteborg men dĂ„ vet jag vart Pizzan ska Ă€tas nĂ€r staden besöks 😊
SÄ himla fina bilder!! Och sÄ fin blogg!