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Made in China Göteborg Gothenburg

📍- Tredje Långgatan 9, Göteborg

As you might have figured out by now, I'm eating my way through the restaurant selection of my own city, slowly adding new restaurants and tips to my: Gothenburg food guide. I'm not one for bashing places I don't like, so I'm only writing about the places I enjoyed going to - I think that's fair. I'm a good egg, aren't I?

Made in China Göteborg Gothenburg

The restaurant Made in China was next on my list - and it's a place I've been wanting to go to since it first opened a few years back. I have been there a good few times by now, but let's rewind to that very first visit, shall we?

A friend and I finally managed to stop by for dinner after work one day, and only a few days later I actually found myself back there once again with another group of friends. And after that, I've been there more times. Yes, I like the place that much.

As the name might suggest, the restaurant serves Chinese food. But, not like they do on any ol' restaurant where you get take out. This is Asian fusion in the best way possible. It's like Chinese, modern tapas - with buns, salads and amazing drinks.

Stepping into the restaurant, you are instantly greeted by someone who will ask if you have made reservations. And I suggest that you do, since it's a popular place and it's so easy to do on their website here. Not only the food is above average at Made in China, the service is great too and the pricing is also very reasonable, you get a lot for your money.

The only negative thing I have to say are the chairs. Or, no - that's the thing, there weren't any chairs where we were seated. We sat on benches with no support for our backs, making it very uncomfortable to sit for longer than half an hour. When I'm out for dinner, I want to sit on a proper chair, so I can enjoy my company, eat my food and do so comfortably. We did spot sofas and chairs in other parts of the restaurant, though, so they do actually have seats with back support hidden back there * wink wink*.

My top three (unexpected?) recommendations from the menu:
1. The cucumber, sesame & lime salad
2. Their cocktails
3. The fried tofu



åh älskar made in china! Så god mat och så mysigt ställe 😊
Visst är det! Tröttnar inte 😊
Mmm, det ser fantastisk ut! Elsker Gøteborg, så nå fikk jeg enda mer lyst til å dra tilbake snart 😃 Skal teste denne restauranten!
Ja gör det! Så himla mysigt ställe 😊
Såå bra tips!
Så himlans gött va!!