Vegan White Russians.

Tomorrow is my favourite day again - Friday! And with sweater weather slowly creeping in, what better time to switch that Friday G&T to something more creamy? Last week I was thinking of whipping up my fave Mint Chocolate & Hazelnut Cocktail, but, then I realised that I had all that I needed at home to make White Russians, so I did!

Or you know - my version of a White Russian, anyway. And by using a creamy oat milk that's supposed to be used for coffee - everyone can enjoy this cocktail, from vegans to lactose intolerants.

Ingredients: serving one

  • 1 shot Frangelico
  • 1 shot Khalúa
  • 4 shots Oatly iKaffe
  • Decor, I used fresh raspberries here

How to:
Add a handful of ice cubes to your cocktail shaker, pour in the Frangelico, Khalúa & oat milk and shake until you can feel the shaker become ice cold. Pour into a glass and fill to the top. Shaking for a while will "fluff" the oat milk and create a nice foam on top of the cocktail. Traditionally a White Russian isn't shaken, but I prefer it!