Two Great Silicone Free Foundations Worth a Try.

silicone free foundations idun minerals norrsken bare minerals complexion rescue

Let's rewind to a few years ago. Back to when I started implementing more and more organic and natural skincare into my daily routine. One day, after attending a seminar on chemicals used in beauty products, I found myself sitting in front of my laptop in my little student flat - doing research. The seminar was part of a course in the Environmental Science program I attended at uni, and those few hours it lasted made such a huge impact on me.

I came home after the seminar and spent hours and hours frantically reading up on all the information and reports I could find - doing endless Google searches, trying so desperately to make sense of all the ingredients I couldn't even begin to pronounce, but found listed on the back of my bottles and jars I had in my bathroom.

As a result, I quickly realised that I wanted to change things up - and that I wanted to make "better" choices when buying beauty products. With that being said, looking back - I'm surprised by the fact that I didn't really think about how odd it was that I was super picky about the skincare I used, only to a few minutes after having applied my carefully picked out lotions & potions, slap on a foundation containing "whatever" ingredients. Yikes.

Fast forward to now, I'm just as picky with my base makeup as I am with my skincare. I now have my few carefully picked out faves that I tend to stick to and the foundations mentioned in this post are two of them.

Complexion Rescue, Bare Minerals

This light base is marketed as a gel, but in my opinion the product comes out kind of like a mousse. The coverage is very subtle and light, but it evens out your skin really nicely and adds moisture to dry skin - it also has built in SPF, yay! A great product for those days when you don't want to wear any other makeup, but still feel like having something on your skin. Or, if you're one of those people who doesn't like the feeling of having face makeup sit on your skin - this doesn't feel like you're wearing anything. I find this applies best with a stippling brush or melted into your skin with the warmth of your fingers.

silicone free foundations idun minerals norrsken bare minerals complexion rescue

Norrsken, Idun Minerals

I've been a fan of the brand since I first tried their mineral powder a few years back. I like that their makeup is especially made for sensitive and allergy prone skin, and since I like supporting local brands - the fact that this brand is Swedish is also a big plus. When Idun Minerals finally launched their liquid foundation, this gal was very pleased - because even though I like their powder foundation, I have dry skin and therefore always prefer liquid foundations, as they sit better on my skin throughout the day.

I thought the price tag for this little glass bottle was quite hefty when I saw it, especially since I was a uni student at the time. But, having read all of those glowing reviews online, how could it not be worth it? It was truly great, wasn't it?

Well, I splurged, tried it and hated it. I thought it was dry, applied terribly and clinged to my dry patches. I set it aside, not wanting to waste time on such a bad product, yet I couldn't really toss it. But then I bought a Beauty Blender and things changed. You know - that overly expensive makeup sponge that you wet, squeeze the water out of until it's damp, and then apply foundation with? Putting it shortly; together with a damp Beauty Blender sponge, this little bottle is pretty awesome. And yes, the Beauty Blender is worth the money, too.



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