Today's Postcard from Falkenberg.

I love a beach town. And this little gem that you see above, is no exception. In fact, I was completely amazed with how stunning it was. Falkenberg - a little town I've heard so much about and always wanted to visit, but never had the chance to before now.

As some of you might know, and others might not, I work full time at this very blogging platform that I write my blog on - Nouw. I just got back from the annual kick off with the entire Nouw team, this year it was held at a spa resort along the coast: Falkenberg Strandbad. The moment we stepped into our room, my face lit up and I was just shocked at what we saw - isn't this just breathtaking?

Well, if this isn't picture perfect, I don't really know what is.



Amazing photo <3
Thank you! 😊 It's a stunning place!