The One Where I Became a Home Owner.

If you don’t flaunt a set of new keys to the world via an Instagram boomerang - did you really buy a new home these days? Jokes aside - yes, I signed some papers, gave away my €€€ and became a home owner this Spring!

Okay, so technically I'd been "half" a home owner for quite a while. Since I bought a new build and have been signing papers in different stages since the middle of 2018. The many months leading up to the moving in date consisted of driving by the building site like a creep to say hi to the house and check on the progression - and desperately trying not to buy all the interior things before the place even had walls. And creating endless Pinterest inspiration boards along the way, of course. Let me tell ya, it's been quite the build up before I finally stood there with "keys in hand".

Still, to this day, as I sit here on my little navy velvet couch (how millennial, ey?), almost five months in, I cannot believe all my hard work payed off. A brand new chapter of my life is in the midst of being written.

It took up to now for me to have all of the finishing touches ready. But, really, are you ever finished in a home?

I'm excited to start sharing some interior posts on here, I love reading and seeing those myself (especially now since I bought my own place!) and who isn't curious about how people's homes look like, right?

Stay tuned!



Congratulations on your new home! I'm sure you'll decor it spendidly! Love your post - please continue to inspire me with your writings & travel! All the best!
Thank you so much for your kind words! Happy to hear you like what I write and post on here 💙
Hur får du bort nouwmwnyn överst på din blogg???