The most beautiful place on planet Earth.

The Swedish West Coast is grey again today. But, actually - I don't always mind the "bad" weather, as I find it so very beautiful up here when it's a bit dull and the colour of the sky & sea seamlessly float together - as one perfect shade of grey.

I'm such a Swede, I know. Many of us complain when it's not sunny, but also secretly love muggy weather. The West Coast is something special, come rain or shine. It doesn't matter how many paradise beaches or places I visit around the globe - the Swedish Bohuslän coast will always (to me) be of the most beautiful places on planet Earth. I'm so lucky to be able to call this place my second home.



Fina bilder 😊
Maria at Inredningsvis,
Håller helt med och jag är även stolt att vara född i GBG 😊 Hoppas du haft en skön sommar och att hösten blir kanon bra 😊

LOVE Maria på Inredningsvis
Älskar känslan i bilderna!
Finaste barndomsparadis. Det var allt för längesen nu, my heart breaks av dina bilder haha. Åh.