The cloudy apple gin & tonic.

- a twist on a classic

gin tonic cloudy apple rosemary drink recipe

Well, hello Friday - welcome. End of the week means the perfect excuse to snuggle up in the sofa with good company and an even better cocktail. By now, I'm sure you are well aware of my love for cocktails and drinks. Actually, what I love the most about them is the situations that they are connected to; the end of a work week, the beginning or end of a nice meal, warm summer nights... I like most drinks (hehe) but if I were to choose only one drink that I would have forever, it would be a classic G&T. As of late last year I am now also a gin snob, and do love a Hendrick's G&T.

I wanted to make a fresh drink for spring, yet something that wasn't too fruity and summery. So, I made a little twist on a classic. And the result was pretty great. Adding rosemary and cloudy apple juice to the classic and crisp G&T made it a bit more "warming" and fruity, but not too fruity. Getting my drift?

This was such a treat and was an instant success. The best thing, though? It's just as good served alcohol free. Just skip the gin part and you have an amazing and refreshing drink - perfect for a sunny spring afternoon or a hot summer day.

- Cloudy apple juice
- Tonic water
- Gin of your choice (I prefer Hendrick's)
- Lime juice
- Rosemary
- Cucumber

Mix a regular gin & tonic in ice cold glasses. Then squeeze in half a lime in each glass. Add just enough cloudy apple juice until the G&T becomes yellow. Use a potato-peeler and make a thin slice of cucumber to line your glass with. Top everything off by rubbing a stick of rosemary in-between your hands, to bring out the flavour, and stick it in the drink. The cucumber and rosemary will complement the favours of the gin and the apple juice and lime will add freshness to the drink.

Psst. I served salt & vinegar chips with this. Such a winner!

gin tonic cloudy apple rosemary drink recipe



Men alltså GUD vad fin och vad god den låter! Den måste du ju ha med i Veckans favoriter på Nouw så att många får chans att testa!
Tack snälla! Du får testa och hojta om det var en hit eller ej 😉
Wow vad fina! Dem ser fantastiskt goda ut!
Yummi 😊 I have to try this 😊