Escaping the Rain & Seeing My City Through New Eyes.

If there is one thing that truly makes me appreciate this little place that I call home, it's when I'm having someone visit from out of town - and I get to show them around Gothenburg. It's like I see the city though new eyes every time and I'm reminded yet again as to why I love this city so much. Because yes, I truly do.

I'm reminded of how much I love the café culture that we have here and how sitting in cafés for hours on end (drinking coffee out of mugs big enough to need both hands when taking a sip) is considered "normal". I'm reminded of how stunning the architecture is, and of how I should look up more when I walk - and not just focus on how to navigate from point A to B. I get reminded of how our little parks are actual gems in the middle of the concrete jungle. And you know what, I even come to truly appreciate how cozy the famous grey and bad Gothenburg weather can be - as it gives you the perfect excuse to snuggle up in a warm restaurant, with great company & comfort food, while listening to the pouring rain outside, watching rain drops chase each-other down the windows.

I got reminded of all of these things last Sunday, when my lovely friend (and colleague) @jennifergeertsen came over to Gothenburg from Denmark for a short visit. Gothenburg of course treated us to harsh winds, grey skies and rain, so we had a brief tour of the city before we eventually gave up, escaped the rain and dived into Tacos & Tequila for an early dinner. We sat there and had a catch up over tacos & sweet potato fries, listened to the rain pour down outside - and watched a raindrop or two race each-other down the restaurant window.

The oh-so-lovely @jennifergeertsen & some amazing food at Tacos & Tequila



Such a Nice evening, couldn't have ask for anyone else to show me the beautiful city of yours! Cant wait to see you next time ❤️
Så stemningsfulle og koselige bilder <3