How I Spent a Wintery Day in Brighton.

Well, hello! It's been a hot minute since we spoke and between starting a new job, the Corona virus madness, and me being just plain ol' tired - it's been a whirlwind.

But hey - let's jump back in time, and visit a sunny wintery day in England a few weeks ago. This perfect, wintery day in Brighton started off with waking up by hearing the waves crash against the shore at The Grand. After a big breakfast I walked along the beach for a few minutes – and just before Brighton Pier I took left and walked towards the "Lanes". The Lanes are the narrow, narrow streets of central Brighton that are an enjoyable and easy place to get lost. I must admit there were so many good potential shops to browse that I spent the first half hour just walking by shops, window shopping, rather than actually stepping in.

The sun was shining bright over Brighton (see what I did there?) and it was so warm and lovely, and felt more like mid spring than January. And I kept asking myself why I live in a place where January equals the greyest of grey weather...

Come 11, it had been hours since I had my first cup of coffee at breakfast and I stopped aimlessly strolling around and started looking for a coffee spot. I found this place and it looked cozy so I walked in. The ladies in the shop were Italians so as soon as I heard them speak to each-other I knew I the coffee would be good. If you didn't know – Italians take their coffee very seriously. Meaning, most Italian coffee places make a mean cup.

The pastries looked amazing, but I opted for coffee only, after having had a massive brekkie at the hotel I still felt fine.

Come late afternoon my legs were tired, and after kind of skipping lunch I opted for an early dinner. The weather was still so very lovely and mild – so I decided to get food to-go and sit on the beach to watch the sun go down.

I walked into one of the places I had initially scribbled down as a potential lunch spot, called What the Pitta, and ordered the meze plate. Being a huge fan of Lebanese food, this was perfect. Other recommendations I got before I went were The Flour Pot Bakery for lunch and CinCin for dinner.

Since I was spending the day by myself, I felt like people-watching on the beach was a much better option than sitting by my myself in a restaurant. It seems a lot of other people thought the same, and I was one of many people who sat by themselves at the beach. I sat there for hours and saw people walk by, eat, drink, laugh and even get engaged (!) - right there on the beach! An evening I'll be able to look back on with fond memories, for sure.



Cecilie Klausvik,

Hey, we live in Gran Canaria and we admire the scenery in Mallorca.. To bad it's impossible to travel at the moment due to the pandemic 😊 i wish you a good day