Gift Ideas For the Woman Who "Has It All".

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December is officially here and I promised myself that this year, I wouldn't be running around town on the last few days leading up to Christmas - buying all my gifts in full on panic mode. And, so far so good! I haven't bought them all, but I only have one person left that I'm still thinking of what to get, so *pat self on back*.

I feel like shopping for gifts gets more and more difficult the older I, and the person I'm gifting to, get. For a number pf reasons, really. Firstly, I personally get less into having random ”stuff” and more into having that edited lifestyle with high quality things that will last over time, the older I get. And I know that most people around me are the very same way.

Secondly, the older people get, the better their financial situation tends to get. Now, when I'm in my late 20's, I tend to buy the things that I want myself. And if it’s something I’m not buying for myself it’s often too boring to spend my money on in the first place - or it’s frankly too expensive for both myself to buy, and certainly too pricey to put down on any wish list. I mean - a house buy the sea, a five figure espresso machine and a car really doesn't look good on a wish list, do they? Eh...

But, don't you worry! I've created a little gift guide down below with a few things that are perfect to give to the woman (or man) in your life who "has it all" and is a struggle to buy for. Hope you will find this post helpful!

1. A bottle of her signature scent

Buying a bottle of perfume you personally find nice, with the intention on giving it to someone else... well, that very often turns into a disaster. Scents are so very personal and I wouldn't waste money on buying something you're not 100% sure she already loves.

But, does she have a signature scent? Perfect. Getting a bottle of her signature scent is the perfect gift that she will obviously use and love. I often refrain from buying myself a new bottle of my signature scent when I'm running low, simply because I often find that I can use that money for something "better" (read: food ;). So, getting a new bottle of my signature scent is a great gift in my book.

2. Personalised small leather goods

One thing maybe she doesn't have, but will love? Getting those little things that are functional yet thought through are so nice. Some little things just like that are a leather card holder, passport holder, travel wallet or luggage tag with their personal initials on it. I've actually put down exactly those things on my personal wish list for Christmas, and I hope Santa will pick up on it!

Where to shop: Check out Azurina for great things like this.

3. Luxe bedding

Yet another thing that almost everyone will enjoy, but that they might not buy themselves is really nice bedding. I, for one, love linnen bedding. It manages to be both crisp & silky soft on your skin at the very same time. One can only wonder what kind of sorcery that is, right?

Anyway, buying a set of matching bedding is such a nice gift! A crisp white is obviously the safe bet, but if you want to get something a bit more personal - get her bedding in a colour that goes well with the tones in her bedroom decor.

Where to shop: For great linnen bedding (that feels luxe yet isn't expensive) I would look into Ellos and H&M Home.

4. Fancy hand soap & hand cream

This is actually something I've given a few of my friends as housewarming presents when they've moved into a new home. It's something everyone uses, yet something many people tend not to spend their money on. Especially if they're just moving in someplace new and have loads of other expenses lined up. So, with that said - buying someone a really luxe set of hand soap and hand cream is something they will hopefully really enjoy, and obviously use on a daily basis.

Where to shop: Aesop is my obvious first choice here. But a more affordable option - look into Naturally European.

5. Scented candles & pretentious matches

Okay, so I just said that scents are very personal - didn't I? But, I think there are a lot of safe cards when it comes to scented candles, actually! Most people really appreciate a lavender scented candle, a vanilla one or for Christmas - something earthy.

And what goes better with a candle than a little bottle of pretentious matches? A little set with a good smelling candle and some matches (that are good looking enough to become a piece of your home decor) equals a really great gift for someone who's into their interiors.

6. Charities

Let's look passed the materialistic things and focus on what really matters, shall we? For the woman who truly "has it all" and really doesn't need to get more things, why not give her a gift that keeps on giving? There are lots of charities out there that will put your money to good use. Try and have a think about what really matters to the person you're gifting to and find a charity that she would love.

7. Time

Another thing that's probably better than any gift out there is your time. With all of us living our busy lives, time is the one thing that somehow tends to be worth most to many of us. Treat that special woman in your life to a day of you-and-me-time. Maybe go to that coffee spot you know she loves with a yummy breakfast, visit a museum and end the day with a dinner that doesn't need to be rushed through. How nice, ey?



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