Five Great Things Lately.

I had some random thoughts, floating around in that head of mine, on things I wanted to sit down and write posts about. And then I thought, why not just gather all my rather random things in one structured blogpost? So I did. Here are five great things from my life lately, that I felt like sharing with you.

I'M FEELING EXCITEMENT FOR AUTUMN. While others sit and mope about the fact the summer is coming to an end, here I am - quite happy about it. Since we don't really get "proper" summers here in Sweden, I don't mind when it's actually over (harsh truth). Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love the crisp air, the changing colours in nature and the warm sunlight. We have a few weeks of this beautifulness every year before the darkness of winter comes rolling around, unwanted. I'm planning to enjoy these few weeks to the max.

PLANNING FUTURE TRAVELS. I love exploring, and on my travel wish list right now are Budapest, Prague, Copenhagen and Dublin. I feel like I want to travel more within Europe in the near future, there is so much that I yet have to see and explore on our lovely little continent. We have so much history, beautiful architecture and even more amazing food here - that I cannot wait to experience. *hittng up Skyscanner*

Summer's over, bare legs & summer dresses are now a distant memory - but I'm feeling excited for autumn!

DECLUTTERING. I am one stuff owning human (first world problems, I am very aware of that), and that's something I'm trying to change. Not that I won't allow myself to own things, just that I tend to cling onto things that can more be referred to as "stuff". Starting the process of owning less isn't easy though. Emptying all of your drawers and cupboards makes a terrible mess. I tried that method and realised that well... not even the most "let's do this" Spotify playlist gave me the energy to handle all of it at once. Instead, I tried to go through my belongings in sections and to scale down. Separating what I think I need to what I actually need, has totally made a difference in how I feel in my own space. Just knowing I'm, bit by bit, minimising the random "stuff" I have shoved down my drawers and never ever use but feel like I "might find a use for some day" is such a relief. A tip on where to get started? The book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. And, speaking of books...

I'M BACK INTO READING MODE. In the beginning of 2017 I set some goals. One of them being to read more throughout the year. And, actually, I haven't really gotten around to doing so until this summer (shocker...). I have a rather massive stack of books I want to read this fall, from beauty books to classics like Brontë & Dickens. A good mix! I'm all set for those cozy autumn nights, drinking tea, curled up in the sofa - reading.
ALSO, I'M BACK ON THE HEALTH TRAIN. I'm back into my everyday routine again after summer, and I'm also back to eating well. I try my hardest to only eat sugar on weekends and I've stepped back into the gym again after a summer of doing nothing even remotely close to exercise. I had a lot of "treat yourself" moments over summer, and I could really feel how my body took a toll after all that sugar and lazying around. Feels good to "be back".



Så flotte bilder! <3