Finding Interior Inspiration at Spinneriet Lindome.

A 15 minute drive south from central Gothenburg you'll find the suburb Lindome. And just around the corner from all the little streets lined with houses, there is an old factory - where they used to make cotton thread back in the day. A grand, yet very worn down brick building, with the most beautiful windows. From the outside Spinneriet doesn't look much, but inside - well, that's a totally different story.

This old factory has turned into a three storey buffé of art galleries and dreamy interior shops. Each room is a different store and has its own style & vibe. And clearly - as you can hear - this concept of gathering artists and entrepreneurs in a place like this has really turned out to be a winning concept. Speaking of winning concepts - going there on a Sunday makes for the perfect outing on a lazy afternoon. In fact, it's just what I did this passed weekend - and it turned out to be a rather swell day.

After you're done drooling & pining over all the amazing interiors in the main building, maybe your tummy's started rumbling? Then I suggest you step outside and walk into the little restaurant, Lilla Spinneriet, next door. In there you can eat a truly amazing Sunday dinner in a cute little gazebo. The food was so good that I literally rolled out of there (true story).

Shortly put, you won't be disappointed, Spinneriet is well worth a visit!



Christine's Stories,
Det ser så mysigt ut! Jag får lust att lägga mig i den där gosiga sängen och läsa söndagsbilagan, haha!