DIY: Mediterranean Style Chalk Paint Vase.

What would you say if I said that the vase above cost me less than €1? If I dare say so myself, it really does look pretty nice! It didn't look like this when I bought it from my local thrift store though, let me tell you, it looked very different.

I spent ages looking in the store, trying to find the perfect shape rather than the perfect vase, since I was looking for something to DIY. I had seen this hack from one of my Internet faves, Geneva, and desperately wanted to try to up-cycle an old vase into something brand new. And when my mum said she would like more vases for the holiday house, what better excuse for rolling up my sleeves to do a pit of painting?

Since this isn't my idea at all, I'm going to give all the credits to Geneva and link to her blogpost on how to transform old vases here. It started with terracotta paint, became a trending hashtag on Instagram with #trashtoterracotta and evolved into a white version too.

Mixing baking soda with paint gives the paint a texture and gives the vase that worn & Mediterranean look

A little before and after



nice looking vase