26 things I've learnt in 26 years.

Ah, life. It flies by like a bullet train; so quickly and mostly in a big blurr. When time travels so fast, it can be hard to focus - even on something as far away and as steady as the horizon. But, sometimes I feel like the train goes by in slow motion, and I have time to actually see - to stop even - and to properly think and reflect on it all. "It all" being; life.

When the train slows down usually coincides with my birthday every year. Birthdays for me consists of a day of cake, breakfast in bed and celebrations. But it's also a day where I tend to reflect on life & time a lot more than I usually do, since I'm officially turning one year older that day.

Last Sunday, I took that step again, I turned one year older. Am I any wiser though? Who knows. I'm not scarred of getting older, I'm just scared I won't have time to do all the things I want to do. You know what I mean?

For those who are older, 26 might sound like I'm still very young. But, for those who are younger, you probably see me as a "proper adult". Well, I'm no near an adult yet (in my mind), but I've also been on this Earth for quite a few years, after all. And in those years, I've actually learnt a thing or two - go figure.

So here it is. My list of 26 things I've realized about this thing we call life - during my 26 years on Planet Earth.

1. A trip to Italy is always a good idea.

2. Don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. Spoiler: they have no idea.

3. Go and see a dermatologist and invest in good skincare at an early age.

4. Cherish your friendships and appreciate the people closest to you.

5. Learn to end relationships where you only give, but receive nothing in return.

6. People deserve a second chance, but very rarely - if ever - a third.

7. Being a teenager is tough - but those years they will eventually pass. Hang in there.

8. Be responsible with your money, but don't forget to treat yourself once in a while.

9. See as much of the world as your time and money allows you to.

10. Being kind to others is like big & warm hug for your soul.

11. Grab on to trends that suit your style and body type and stay far away from the rest.

12. How confident you feel in yourself is closely related to the type of people you choose to surround yourself with. Choose well.

13. If it isn't your body, you have no right to comment on it.

14. At first - red wine, coffee and olives taste like poison. And one day, your taste buds take a 360 and you cannot seem to remember the times when all of the things above weren't yum.

15. Never let go of your inner child.

16. What makes a job fun isn't the job itself, but the people you work with.

17. Traveling alone will teach you a lot about yourself.

18. The phrase "you can retake an exam but not relive a party" is the worst phrase ever.

19. Trust your gut and not your heart when making life desitions. Your gut instinct is way more reliable and stable than your heart.

20. Listen to other people's advice, but always make your own decisions.

21. I's okay not to have it all figured out by 25.

22. Living abroad for a year or two will change your view on life for the better.

23. New things are scary because they're unfamiliar, not because they're necessarily not a good idea.

24. Never think you haven't got more to learn, always seek more knowledge.

25. If you find jeans that fit like a glove, buy several pair.

26. I don't known who ever said you're strongest alone. That person was clearly ludicrous and a bore. And probably never experienced great team work. "Go team!"



3an är so true! Alltså jag minns när folk sa åt mig när jag var 14-15 att jag inte ska göra si eller så och jag var sååååå trött på att höra det, men åh, de hade så rätt!
5an och 6an med... Don't even get me started, haha.
Nr 15 är min mantra 😉

Rolig lista!
Haha tack 😊 Ja, 15 är också lite utav mitt mantra 😉
så sant! älskar detta inlägget. Hoppas du hade en bra födelsedag fina du <3
Hade en jättefin dag, tack 😊
Fin bild! Gör samma reflektioner när jag fyller år ☺️
Hehe, roligt att höra. Då är vi i alla fall två!
Så sant så sant!!! Ha en fin dag!
Tack going 😊
Åh fina fina Frida! 100% ja på alla punkter
Tack Cams! 😊)
Åh bästa jag läst på länge! Tack snälla för att du delar med dig av dina fantastiska tankar! 💛
Tack snälla du, blir så glad! Helt otroligt med så fin repsons på detta inlägget 😊