11 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me.

1. I love magazines. Like - love. Fun fact: I have a massive collection of old British Vogue that I was gifted from my mum’s Brit friend.

2. Speaking of, I like to buy a Vogue from every country I’ve been to - if they have Vogue, of course. Last out was Japan & Spain!

3. My eyes are very dark brown - close to black, but weirdly get lighter every year.

4. I am a deeply emotional person, yet hate showing myself vulnerable to others.

5. I have the worst (or you know, *best*) sense of humor.

1, 2, 3, sluuuurp

6. I used to work in a bookshop, and loved it!

7. Speaking of books, my all time favourite book is Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

8. And one of my favourite quotes is ”Comparison is the death of joy” - also Mark Twain.

9. I’ve lived in both Australia & Italy and they are two places that will always & forever hold a big chunk of my heart.

10. Pasta and feta cheese run through my veins, and so does coffee.

11. I am an old soul and still refuse to have my calendar in my phone, and walk around with an agenda.



åååh jeg har alltid hatt lyst til å samle på magasiner, men ender alltid med å kjøpe kaffe og en bolle i stedet for magasiner når jeg står i kassa 🤔☕️ folk tror alltid jeg er født i byen, selv om jeg kommer fra et sted som ikke klassifiseres som tettsted en gang..
Kaffe & kaka är kanske ännu bättre?! 😎 Åh det visste jag inte!